WorldViz virtual reality solutions

Leading-edge virtual reality technology from a VR pioneer

WorldViz VR solutions allow people to enjoy a stunning sense of presence in virtual worlds and to interact without restraint with virtual content. Intel-backed WorldViz is one of the pioneers of the VR industry and the world leader in innovative VR solutions for professional use in both enterprises and academia. WorldViz technology supports applications from virtual prototyping to immersive marketing and from interactive training to multi-user virtual collaboration and scientific research.

Over 1500 clients – including Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions and government agencies – are already deploying WorldViz’s interactive visualisation and simulation technologies.

Comprehensive toolkit for full-fledged VR

WorldViz’s technology comprises everything needed to deliver immersive and natural VR experiences:

VizMove VR systems are a product line of virtual reality solutions that support seated, standing, wide-area walking and projection VR experiences, offering unmatched flexibility and scalability. When your VR needs change, the system can cost-effectively scale to meet your growing requirements.

Vizard VR software is the most comprehensive VR development platform in the industry. Vizard’s universal VR hardware connectivity supports all head-mounted displays, 3D displays, motion trackers, and input devices.

Precision Position Tracking (PPT) can track multiple users across large areas (50 x 50+ meters) and enables true freedom of movement in VR by walking, running, crouching, turning and gesturing. PPT works with both projection-based and VR-headset-based systems. Besides Vizard, PPT has native support for Unreal Engine 4 and Unity3D.

Turnkey VR solutions from Stereoscape

Stereoscape is an authorised reseller of WorldViz VR solutions in the EU, and our virtual reality team is fully trained in the WorldViz technology. Our broad experience in creating immersive 3D content and our flexible service integration model, combined with the state-of-the-art technology, enable us to deliver turnkey VR solutions. Start your VR journey with us: We offer expertise, convenience and security on your road to VR. Interested? Book a VR demo.

VizMove projection VR system

The system allows a team of people to interact with 3D objects and navigate and collaborate in a shared virtual environment. Users wear lightweight stereoscopic 3D glasses. The “cave-like” VR space is designed to scale to support larger groups and areas, as your needs grow. Read more.

VizMove standing VR system

The compact and cost-effective system is ideal for applications such as research, in which precise 3D manipulation, measurement and motion tracking need to be combined with fully immersive VR applications. Users wear head-mounted VR displays. A portable version is also available. Read more.

VizMove walking VR system

The system enables immersive VR experiences in a wide-area walking environment. It provides full freedom of movement in a virtual world at a 1:1 scale with the physical world. Users wear head-mounted VR displays. A laptop-based version allows you to take your virtual world on the go. Read more.

VizMove seated VR system

The system is ideal for office environments where space may be limited. A gamepad controller lets users navigate virtual worlds while seated. Users wear VR headsets and can look freely in all directions. A portable version allows you to take your VR presentations on the road. Read more.