3D conversion of 2D cinema commercial






Cloetta’s Tupla is the number one chocolate countline in Finland. Cloetta first produced an animated 10 second Tupla commercial for cinema distribution in 2D. To increase advertising impact, improve brand recall and capture the target market in a way no other medium can, Cloetta decided to show the advertisement in stereoscopic (glasses-based) 3D before 3D movies.


Our branded conversion service, Cognitive Conversion, can handle all types of conversion jobs from feature films to commercials. We can also start from practically any 2D material. In this case, we received the original content file as separate layers, making it possible to produce an especially powerful and immersive 3D effect.


The Tupla 3D cinema commercial is a beautiful piece of handcrafted 3D art. The chocolate bars are popping out of the screen and give the feeling you could almost reach them. The advertisement ran in Finnkino’s 3D theatres from April to November 2014.

Client comments

“We wanted to bring Tupla into this millennium. Tupla’s brand has always been connected with movies and adventures, so it was natural for us to take the step towards 3D advertising. Stereoscopic 3D is a perfect fit for Tupla, because we wanted to remind the audience what an actual Tupla bar looks like.”

Brand Manager, Cloetta Suomi Oy

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