Measurable customer engagement in Arctic Home campaign






The Coca-Cola Company and WWF launched the Arctic Home campaign to protect the polar bear and its habitat. Stereoscape and Coca-Cola worked together on the campaign in Finland in 2013.


Stereoscape delivered holographic installations to several locations in Helsinki to support the campaign that was already well visible in other media. An animated sequence, featuring a mother polar bear and her two cubs, rotated around a real Coca-Cola can inside a Dreamoc HD2 holographic unit. The 3D animation was based on the client’s existing campaign video and other brand assets.

The units were strategically placed in shopping centres in cooperation with store managers. The setup was completed with an audience measurement system that gave both our client and the store managers valuable data on the effectiveness and ‘stopping power’ of the unique shopper experience.


During the four week campaign, Coca-Cola sales increased by 20% compared with previous weeks.

The audience measurement sensor – anonymously recognising the gender, age group and time spent in front of the device – was attached to the installation for two days. On one of the days, over 300 people came closer than 50 cm from the unit and observed the animation for an average time of 3.1 seconds.

The novelty value of Stereoscape’s solution was a key factor in launching the co-operation, and the Coca-Cola representatives were highly satisfied with both the look and feel of the installation, as well as the sales results.

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