Live Security

Interactive product portfolio presentation








  • Holistic, interactive presentation of F-Secure’s Live Security product portfolio
  • Both engaging and informative with inspiring visuals and versatile product data
  • Increases understanding and communicates value of sophisticated cyber security technology
  • Easily updatable via the cloud
  • Available as English, French and German versions
  • Built on Stereoscape’s SMARTSCAPE® solution for interactive product tours

“In today’s world, it is evermore challenging for companies to defend themselves against constantly evolving cyber threats.”

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“How to maximise user engagement and impact of product presentations of F-Secure’s Live Security product portfolio.”

F-Secure has driven innovation in cyber security for 30 years. The company’s sophisticated technology combines the power of machine learning with the human expertise of its world-renowned security labs for a singular approach called Live Security. Over 200 broadband and mobile operators and thousands of resellers sell the company’s products all over the world.

The product communication needed to simplify the complexity of the products offered, while identifying separate cyber security related problems and presenting the client’s holistic approach of solving all types of cyber threats.



We delivered an interactive 3D presentation solution based on our SMARTSCAPE® solution for interactive product tours. SMARTSCAPE makes use of the proven and familiar touch & click user interface and works on any touch device, while responsively adapting to laptop and desktop computers as well. It is updatable via the cloud and applicable to multiple use cases from learning and training to marketing and sales.



  • Comprehensive presentation of F-Secure’s Live Security product portfolio – man & machine working together for cyber security – engaging the viewer into understanding how Live Security predicts, prevents, detects and responds to cyber threats
  • 3D animations, videos and product information combined with image comparison sliders and other interactive touch & click elements for users to independently explore the cutting-edge technology
  • Rich, interactive and informative product communication solution to simplify a complex product offering, to increase understanding of product value, and to create lasting product knowledge
  • Different language versions for a product portfolio sold all over the world
  • Updates can be easily managed via the cloud