Flexible Manufacturing System






SMARTSCAPE® – interactive touch & click enabled product presentation.

  • Visually appealing, informative and interactive presentation of Fastems’ Flexible Manufacturing System
  • Replaces physical small scale models saving transfer costs and allowing for easy updates
  • Includes the ability to utilise existing digital material
  • As an offline version it can be used anywhere – anytime, without sacrificing future updates


“Maximum output with lights-out manufacturing, 8760 hours per year.”

For more information contact:

Olli Nykänen, Key Account Manager

[email protected]

Tel. +358 (0)50 552 0958

As the leading independent manufacturer of factory automation systems, Fastems was looking for a way to present their offering fitting to their mission of improving their customers’ competitiveness through automation. The interactive product presentation was to interactively show how to get most of production, year-round, for the full 8,760 hours per year.

To meet this challenge, Stereoscape created an interactive product presentation taking advantage of a touch- and click-based user interface. Our SMARTSCAPE® presents Fastems’ flexible manufacturing system (FMS) with the help of 3D animations and interactive elements for the user to click or touch. This product presentation replaces physical small scale models bringing forth cost savings and the ability to update the content based on the use case.