Kairos καιρός

Visualising real-time air quality data with AR


Josefina Nelimarkka




Visualisation of IOT sensor data with AR.

  • Utilising IOT sensor data in real-time to increase awareness of ever-changing air quality and climate change.
  • Building an automated system with a backup mechanism minimising the need for monitoring and manual support.
  • Easy to understand, self-starting and updating interactive visual representation of phenomena invisible to the human eye.

“The exhibition sources meteorological and geophysical-chemical currents as a means of materialisation and technology. The ongoing process affects and determines the space, moment after another.” – HAM Helsinki Art Museum

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Juuso Pihamaa, Account Executive

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+358 40 7505539

Kairos καιρός exhibition by Josefina Nelimarkka utilizes a sensor mounted on the roof of Helsinki Art Museum measuring air particle concentration. The real-time air particle data is processed and visualised with help of augmented reality merging the usually invisible with the visible. Real-time changes in emissions are experienced through changes in form and colour of the particles as well as through the dynamically changing soundscape adding an audible dimension to the exhibition.