Sponda / MOW – iFace Mirror Screen

Dynamic visitor engagement with a digital mirros


Sponda / MOW – iFace Mirror Screen


Mothership of Work (MOW) is a co-working hub for a dynamic community of on-the-go entrepreneurs and freelancers. The downtown Helsinki hub that is fueled by Sponda, a property development and investment company, offers workspace for up to 300 creative professionals. MOW introduces a new way of working, “physically in Helsinki, otherwise out of this world” as the MOW members like to put it. Providing residents with the latest technology in an inspirational urban working space, Sponda also wanted to find new ways to meet and greet visitors from the first moment they step in the MOW lobby. Stereoscape delivered and assembled a custom size extra large digital screen, integrated in a tailor made glass mirror. The content solution and the content on the mirror are created by MOW community members.

Digital mirror – mirror, screen and a beautiful, fun and effective communication tool

A digital mirror, or magic mirror, or smart mirror as it is also called, is a digital screen integrated in a tailor made glass mirror. Just like an ordinary mirror it shows you the reflection of reality. But unlike an ordinary mirror it can add digital information or virtual items on top of what you see – creating an augmented reality experience. Depending on the location and intended use, the mirror can display news, weather info, bus schedules, product info, virtual additions to the real life products – what ever gives added value to people looking at their reflection. A digital mirror is more than a mirror and more than a screen. It is a powerful communication tool that engages people and creates more value.

The right content in the right place makes the information meaningful and valuable

In a retail shop, the digital mirror can show additional information on the products you are looking at; alternative colors or sizes available for the garment you are just about to try on. Or the mirror can give you a view of the whole color scheme of that lipstick you just lifted from the display self.

Coupled with a motion detector, the mirror can react to an approaching person and show tailored information depending on the person. For example, a person entering a restaurant lobby from the outside might be interested in having a glance at the menu while checking his looks in the mirror before entering. The same information, however, is not that relevant to a person entering the lobby from inside the restaurant. Having just had a nice meal, hopefully happy and satisfied, he might be more interested in checking out the bus schedules. Another 10 minutes ‘till the next bus arrives might leave just enough time for a quick one at the bar. Increased sales to the restaurant owner and a happier customer, all made possible by the digital mirror with the right info, at the right time in the right place.

Tailor made content together with the right mirror – size, shape and frames according to purpose – make the digital mirror an attractive and informative communication tool. Stereoscape’s expertise in digital signage technologies combined with extensive knowhow in digital content solutions makes Stereoscape an ideal partner for a company looking for creating added value to its customers or visitors with showing them more than just the reflection of reality.

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