Unleashing the potential of 5G with the help of multi-user virtual reality






Showscape® (collaborative multiuser virtual showroom)

  • A real-time multi-user VR experience inside a virtual showroom that breaks the distance of almost 4000 km between Oulu and Barcelona.
  • Sharing the story of 5G and making the benefits visible with animations and augmented content.
  • Bringing together 5G and VR resulted in a great number of wow’s and spontaneous applauds.

“Thank you for everything you did in bringing this demo experience together.
Working with Stereoscape allowed us to showcase our ability to unleash the potential of 5G.” Paul Norkus, 5G Product Marketing, Nokia

For more information:

Juuso Pihamaa, Account Executive

[email protected]

+358 40 7505539


Stereoscape created for Nokia a multiuser real-time virtual reality experience taking the visitors of Nokia Digital City in Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona via virtual reality to Nokia 5G center of excellence located in Oulu. The visitors in Barcelona could immerse themselves as avatars into Nokia 5G center of excellence to meet with Nokia’s experts in Oulu. The experts guided the visitors in real time on a tour inside the 5G virtual lab. By augmenting the virtual world with visualisations the visitors could experience the potential and benefits of 5G, e.g. high bandwidth and low latency, in an engaging and informing way.

Breaking new ground in the utilization of new technologies the project resulted in something that has never been done before; a collaborative multi-user VR application with 5G technology. Stereoscape’s comprehensive expertise in VR, storytelling, and visualisation came in good use in the project. Handling all the phases from 3D scanning and creating the virtual version of the lab in Oulu to scripting and creating the animations to augment it. Finishing with building the setup in Barcelona and in Oulu to allow the virtual visits during MWC18.

The technology in the Nokia 5G center of excellence is a cooperation between several leading technology companies. In addition to the live VR experience that Nokia offered at Nokia Digital City during MWC18, the virtual showroom could be visited from Qualcomm’s and SK Telecom’s stands as a prerecorded version.

In Barcelona the demo, showing not only the benefits of 5G but also the power of virtual reality, received spontaneous applauds and numerous wow’s from the visitors.