Nokia – AirScale radio access technology

Scalable presentation solution with interactive 3D product catalogue





Scalable, interactive 3D product tour & catalogue

  • All-in-one, interactive presentation solution with integrated 3D product catalogue and extensible information architecture
  • Allows people to explore information at different levels of detail, contributing to better understanding of feature-rich products and technology
  • Drives clear and consistent product communication and saves on transportation costs by presenting physical products virtually

A radio access network (RAN) is a critical part of telecommunications infrastructure. It provides the connection between user equipment, such as mobile phones, and the core network. The key RAN components include base stations and antennas. Nokia’s AirScale technology represents an entirely new way to build RANs, driving unlimited capacity, huge connectivity and near-zero latency, and paving the way to 5G.

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Nokia AirScale Radio Access is a complete radio access solution with hardware, software and services. One of the challenges of presenting the solution at trade shows and other events across the globe is the hardware ­– the base station modules, antennas and other components. Transporting and installing the equipment to different event venues around the world is costly, time-consuming and increases the carbon footprint.

Nokia was looking for a flexible solution to demonstrate the AirScale technology in an informative and interesting manner to various audiences. An important consideration was to showcase the hardware virtually with the help of 3D product models – and not just the nuts and bolts, but also typical installation options, use cases and business benefits.



We designed and delivered a presentation solution based on our SMARTSCAPE concept. The key elements underpinning SMARTSCAPE are compelling 3D visualisations; an extensible, multilayer information architecture; and versatile interactivity. Together, these elements help turn a static product presentation into dynamic, smart product communication.

The AirScale presentation solution contains animations and other information of the different features and benefits of the AirScale technology, like the huge capacity scaling opportunities and the innovative liquid cooling system that saves costs and reduces emissions. A central part of the interactive solution is a catalogue of AirScale components, displaying

  • product descriptions and detailed product information
  • interactive 3D product models that can be zoomed in, rotated and explored from all angles
  • illustrations of installation options and sites
  • uses cases with business benefits

The 3D product models are largely created from 2D images, but also CAD files. The multifaceted, multimedia content is organised in multiple layers, gradually displaying more information. Intuitive navigation and touch/click controls make the content easy to access and interact with at different levels of detail.

Flexibility and scalability are built into the SMARTSCAPE concept: content updates and extensions can be smoothly implemented. We delivered the first version of the AirScale presentation solution in early 2018 and the next version with info updates and new product additions in summer 2018. The third version – with updated product information, new products and new animations – was delivered for MWC19 Barcelona and for later use in other events around the world.

The solution is distributed as a web application for use on touch screens and other displays.


  • We built a flexible, scalable, all-in-one solution for the presentation of Nokia’s AirScale Radio Access to audiences around the world.
  • Interactive 3D product storytelling, information organised in multiple layers, and an effective user interface create clarity and enable communication at the appropriate level of detail – from a quick overview to deeper exploration of content.
  • The solution adapts to different audiences, presentation situations and presenter styles, whilst ensuring consistency in communication – it’s easy to find the right information, and all important information is available in one place, accessible anytime and anywhere.
  • The extensible information architecture enables flexible content updates and additions.
  • Besides engaging external audiences, the solution also works as an internal learning tool to familiarise personnel with AirScale Radio Access.