Teaming up with Andrew Ibi for 3D fashion film


Andrew Ibi




This native 3D fashion film covers several individual brands, including mens and womenswear and accessories. The possibility to participate in the project was pitched to selected designers in collaboration with a well-known London stylist and fashion consultant Andrew Ibi. The film was shot in stereoscopic (glasses-based) 3D.


The mature style film was shot on location to facilitate the use of depth in 3D. The perfect rooftop location was found in East London’s Old Truman Brewery, which featured London city views, interesting industrial structures, semi-lit halls with columns and doorways – perfect for 3D.


The film received its big screen premiere at a private screening during London Fashion Week, followed by a glasses-free 3D installation at Apartment 58’s official pop-up FOLD at Design Junction and at their premises in Soho during the Raindance Film Festival in September/October 2012.

“I think fashion and 3D form a very natural union. 3D really brings out the details, textures, shapes and volumes of finely crafted garments and accessories. 3D also adds something that is harder to quantify – a special intensity; a dreamy, ‘hyper-real’ presence. We wanted to explore these qualities in our project, both through the use of lingering close-ups, playing with the pop-out effect, and working with more immersive, wide shots that emphasise perspective,” said Laura Hyppönen, director of the film at Stereoscape.

Client comments

“Working on a 3D fashion editorial piece was a very interesting proposition and a natural step for The Convenience Store to continue its work with its band of talented fashion independents.”

Andrew Ibi, Stylist & Founder of The Convenience Store

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