Robit – AR Drill

Digging deeper with augmented reality






SHOWSCAPE – AR application
Marker (i.e. carpet with life-size picture of the hole)
3D animation

  • Life-size augmented reality drilling experience with the world’s largest hammer
  • 3D animation allows an under the hood view of how the hammer works
  • A true turn-key delivery; from CAD files to a ready to use AR application

”Robit launched biggest DTH-hammer in the world at Conexpo 2017 with augmented reality.”

Mikko Mattila, VP Americas.

For more information:

Juuso Pihamaa, Account Executive

[email protected]

+358 40 7505539

Robit Plc is a manufacturer of high quality button bits for rock drilling and casing systems for ground drilling. Big and powerful products, but sometimes hard to demonstrate in real-life at trade shows, marketing events, or sales meetings.

Stereoscape delivered for Robit a true turnkey solution that allows life-size demonstration of the world’s largest hammer. With just the CAD models from the customer Streoscape team was able to create a mobile application with augmented reality, 3D animation, and design and produce a life-size marker that triggers the display of digital demonstration of the hammer in action. Used right next to the physical product at a big fair the mobile application allowed visitors to both see the hammer and to get a true feeling of how it works in real-life. For sales meetings the same application can be used in a smaller scale, with a smaller marker, but yet showing the real proportions. For easy distribution the application was also published on Google Play store.