Valmet – Presenting advanced board & paper technologies

Presenting advanced board & paper technologies





AR-enhanced interactive 3D product tour

  • Effective tool for consistent product communication, built using Valmet’s existing assets such as CAD models, images and pdf documents, and used internationally by Valmet personnel
  • Compelling 3D visualisations, effective information architecture and easy interaction promote clarity and help understand complex product information
  • A hybrid 3D & AR solution where augmented reality is available on-demand and makes critical content elements more accessible and understandable

“We were looking for a modern way to show and demonstrate the operation of some
key solutions and services. Something that could work in bigger events as well as in
meeting rooms. With Stereoscape the result was impressive. It was easy to work with
Stereoscape, they got to the point quickly and kept their promises.” Riitta Pöntynen,
Marketing Manager, Services, Valmet.

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Juuso Pihamaa, Account Executive

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Valmet is the leading global supplier of process technologies, services and automation to the pulp, paper and energy industries. The company systematically develops its sales capabilities, tools and processes; digital sales tools are employed to improve both the customer journey and Valmet’s own efficiency.



Valmet was looking for an effective digital presentation solution for its global marketing and sales organisation to showcase the company’s services, advanced technology and new innovations in the different sections of board and paper production lines. Technology upgrades to improve safety, quality or capacity are an
important part of Valmet’s offering to ensure its customers’ performance and competitiveness.



Stereoscape worked with Valmet’s team to design an interactive 3D and AR presentation solution based on our SMARTSCAPE concept. A design sprint was conducted to create a shared understanding of the business objectives and key requirements for the solution. Valmet’s existing digital assets, such as CAD models, images, PowerPoint and pdf documents were repurposed for the solution.

The solution features powerful 3D visualisations and multiple layers of product information for in-depth exploration of Valmet’s latest technology in board and paper machinery. The solution is distributed as a mobile and PC application, available on the intranet for offline use. End users include Valmet’s marketing and sales personnel who use the solution for various presentation purposes, but also prospects, customers and other audiences engaging in self-guided interactive experiences for example in exhibitions.


3D tour of production line

A 3D model of the entire production line, separate 3D animations of the important technology upgrades, images, and text elements are combined with multiple hotspots and a navigation bar for user-friendly interaction. Users can move along the virtual production line and inspect the different sections from the headbox to the winder. Touch & click hotspots along the machine reveal detailed information and 3D animations. Game engine powered real-time rendering in 3D provides a smooth, high-end interactive experience.


AR-enhanced experience

iOS app users can view selected items – the 3D animated production line and technology upgrades – in augmented reality. By choosing the ‘view in AR’ option, users can explore the 3D content close up and from different angles.



  • The solution communicates key features, benefits and customer value of the client’s innovative technology in an engaging, yet highly informative manner.
  • Compelling 3D visualisations and an effective information architecture create clarity and help users understand complex product information.
  • A multi-layered information structure and progressive navigation make information available at different levels of detail. Presenters can present and users can explore the content from different altitudes in customised or personalised product experiences.
  • Augmented reality (AR) enhances the user experience, draws attention to and helps make sense of critical information, whilst working as an eye-catcher and promoting the client’s image of a technology and innovation leader.
  • With the latest version available from the intranet, the application is easily accessible and ensures up-to-date, consistent product knowledge transfer in an international sales organisation.
  • The scalable solution is designed for easy addition of new content elements and updates.