eLearning platform for gas value chain




OUTCOME: SMARTSCAPE® interactive product tour for touchscreen

  • eLearning platform that teaches the gas value chain, its sections, the solutions in each individual section and Wärtsilä’s products and services in each of them.
  • Versatile tool with content that is rich and detailed enough for eLearning, yet visual enough to be used in e.g. marketing and events.
  • Easy to navigate, easy to understand, and easy to update

“The importance of the opportunities and projects we have in the Gas Value Chain is increasing day by day. Therefore, we see it important that we provide all our employees not only the opportunity to learn more about the Gas Value Chain, but also to gain better understanding of Wärtsilä’s offering in it. These were the main drivers behind the development of Gas Value Chain reality.” Tomas Hakala, Vice President, 4-Stroke Engine Services Wärtsilä Oyj

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Wärtsilä is a global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets. For training purposes, Wärtsilä needed a tool that would present the entire gas value chain, its different sections, the solutions in each section and Wärtsilä’s products and services in each of them.

Stereoscape’s productised solution, SMARTSCAPE® interactive product tour, offered an optimal solution for presenting the complex and multifaceted world of gas production together with Wärtsilä’s products and services on one platform. The multi-layered structure and easy to use interface of SMARTSCAPE together with Stereoscape’s iterative working process with weekly meetings secured a smooth process.

The result of the process was a modern and visual way of presenting the large and complex world of gas production; detailed enough for technical learning purposes yet visually compelling enough to be attractive to also other audiences e.g. for marketing use. The modular structure of the platform allows easy updates of content whenever new solutions, products, or services need to be added, or existing ones updated.

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