WorldViz is one of the pioneers of the VR industry. Backed by Intel Capital, the company is an industry-leading provider of professional VR solutions aimed at the enterprise and public sectors. WorldViz’s core products include powerful tools for collaborative VR, high-precision large-area VR motion tracking, and a comprehensive VR development platform for research use. The portfolio also includes scalable virtual reality systems that range from portable VR rigs to multi-user, projection-based VR environments.

VIZIBLE for cloud-based collaborative VR experiences

Drives immersive virtual presentations and meetings for effective communication, collaboration and training to save time and money, improve learning outcomes, shorten design cycles and more

  • High-performance, high-speed tool for real-time communication and collaboration by multiple participants from around the world in secure, shared VR spaces
  • Wide range of options to integrate your own content to the VR environment: 3D models, 360 videos, sounds, images, pdfs, avatar recordings and more
  • Intuitive interactions with objects and between users via buttons, sensors and avatars
  • Versatile collaboration tools in the VR space: drawing tools, laser pointers, grabbers, remote controls, and more
  • Works on desktop PC and VR headsets (HTC Vive and Oculus Rift)
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PPT for advanced, warehouse-scale VR motion tracking

Enables true freedom of movement in VR (walking, running, crouching, turning, gesturing) for demanding applications that require high accuracy, fast movement, multi-user collaboration, and co-presence

  • Scales up for multiple users at once and tracks up to 10 users or objects simultaneously with sub-millimetre accuracy
  • Provides precise motion tracking across a range of spaces from 3 x 3 metres to over 50 x 50 metres
  • Combines optical and inertial sensor technologies for low-latency six degrees of freedom (6 DoF) positional tracking – low latency means less motion sickness, higher sense of presence and higher immersion
  • Integrated wand controller provides a lifelike, ergonomic experience and smooth interaction
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VIZARD VR development platform for researchers

Robust, Python-based development environment for scientific-grade VR, with unique adaptability and extensibility to build precise and complex simulations in business R&D or university settings

  • Designed for rapid prototyping, supports easy creation of powerful VR applications, including collaborative multi-user experiences
  • Simulations can be displayed in VR headsets, CAVEs and Powerwalls
  • Connects to head and hand trackers, motion capture systems, eye trackers, haptic feedback devices, and biophysiological sensors such as EEGs and EKGs
  • Allows for customisation of users’ virtual appearance (avatars)
  • Enables combinations of virtual and physical realities using the AR Toolkit plugin
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